Banded Bodies


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Our Set of Mini Resistance Bands Includes One Of Each:

1 Green Band = 10lbs
1 Red Band = 15lbs
1 Black Carrying Case

We understand that times are hard right now, and we want to make working out at home as easy as possible for you. So many businesses are doing amazing things for the community and are inspired to do the same. Unfortunately as a super small business, we can't provide free shipping, handling and cover Shopify fees for all of the orders which keeps increasing during this time. We just hope we are able to help during a time like this!

To assure you get your bands quickly so you can get started on your workouts right away, we will be shipping out orders daily. Please allow 2-5 business days to arrive and you will get an email with your tracking number. Please help spread this message with your friends and family.

Thank you so much,
Banded Bodies Team